Upcoming publication in autumn 2014: 'Forms of Modern Life'


Forms of Modern Life results from the exhibition of the same title that was held at the Office for Contemporary Art Norway in spring 2011 as curated by Marta Kuzma and Pablo Lafuente. Forms of Modern Life considers the process by which the graphic form becomes, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a universal, egalitarian form of expression, moved both by a development of formal and technical concerns and by the intention to communicate to wider audiences and heighten art’s political efficacy.


OCA is currently accepting applications for the 2014 third quarter review for International Support and the Artist–in–Residency Programme at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice, Italy.

Commissioned by OCA, Verksted #17 is the first English translation of Indigo, a poem written by artist Sidsel Paaske and published for the first time in 1979. The publication, which brings together the original manuscript correlated by notes and archival material, was published on the occasion of the lecture series ʻFashion: the Fall of an Industryʼ, held at OCA from October to December 2013. Sidsel Paaske was one of the artists subject of investigation within the lecture series. Indigo is edited by OCA’s Antonio Cataldo.