Out now: Sovereign Words. Indigenous Art, Curation and Criticism

'I am confident that echoes of Sovereign Words. Indigenous Art, Curation and Criticism will assist in strengthening existing collaborations and lead to new and ground-breaking connections where mutual respect and learning will become the norm when exchanging with First Nations ways of life.'
– Brook Andrew, artist and Artistic Director of the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, 2020

OCA News

The exhibition to be hosted in the Nordic Pavilion in 58th Venice Biennale takes as its theme one of today’s most pressing global issues: the complex and varied relations between humans and other living organisms in an age when climate change and mass extinction are undermining the preconditions of life on Earth. The exhibition Weather Report: Forecasting Future presents Nordic perspective through the work of artist duo Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri from Finland, Ane Graff from Norway and Ingela Ihrman from Sweden.

The Norwegian Arts Council's Honorary Prize 2018 was awarded to the poet and artist Synnøve Persen. OCA Director Katya Garcia-Antón was one of the invited speakers at the ceremony on 12 December 2018 at the National Gallery in Oslo.