International Support

The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) administers the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ scheme of visual art and was founded with the purpose to facilitate Norwegian contemporary art abroad and to strengthen its visibility and international position. One of the foremost means for OCA to achieve this goal is by providing financial support through the 02 and 03 international support programmes funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One of the key means by which OCA pursues this goal is by offering financial support to Norwegian artists and international artists living and working in Norway to travel and participate in exhibitions internationally; to Norwegian art professionals organising exhibitions and projects abroad; and to international institutions and curators to work more comprehensively and thoroughly with artists, art groups and professionals from Norway, in order to more accurately convey the critical impulse behind their work. OCA provides artists, art professionals, curators and cultural producers with the possibility to network within the international arts community. OCA also stimulates programme development and initiatives that further invigorate the interest in contemporary art events taking place within Norway and by Norwegian artists working abroad. Read more