International Support



The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) administers the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ scheme of visual art and was founded with the purpose to facilitate Norwegian contemporary art abroad and to strengthen its visibility and international position. One of the foremost means for OCA to achieve this goal is by providing financial support through the international support programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One of the key means by which OCA pursues this goal is by offering financial support to Norwegian artists and international artists living and working in Norway to travel and participate in exhibitions internationally; to Norwegian art professionals organising exhibitions and projects abroad; and to international institutions and curators to work more comprehensively and thoroughly with artists, art groups and professionals from Norway, in order to more accurately convey the critical impulse behind their work. OCA provides artists, art professionals, curators and cultural producers with the possibility to network within the international arts community.

OCA accepts applications for assessment by an international jury on four designated deadlines throughout the year. Applications are accepted from Norwegian artists, international artists with permanent residence in Norway and international non-profit organisations. Priority is given to exhibitions taking place in key international art institutions and project spaces. Support is also given to solo and group exhibitions including Norwegian artists and practitioners initiated by international curators and to Norwegian art professionals organising exhibitions and projects abroad. The objective for support is to foster the visibility and consideration of Norwegian art abroad, to promote innovative artistic investigations, and to facilitate a creative dialogue and collaboration in the context of contemporary cultural practice.

To apply for International Support, click here. Please read Grant Programme Guidelines before filling in the application form and notice that OCA do not accept application sent by post. The application forms are available in Norwegian and English.

For questions, please contact Anne Charlotte Hauen.

Other Funding for Projects in the Nordic Region


After the closing of NIFCA in 2006, the Nordic Ministries of Culture have established programmes to support cultural cooperation and exchange within the Nordic region.
The Mobility and Residency Programme is an important part of the new structure for Nordic cultural cooperation. The programme focuses on mobility for artists and professionals within the fields of culture, network building and artists in residence. This initiative aims to open doors for the arts inside and outside the Nordic countries and contribute to strengthening the position of professionals within the field of culture.

For grant applications related to exhibitions, projects and exchange opportunities in the Nordic countries, please visit Kulturkontakt Nord's website:


BAR International artist-in-residency program invites artists from the Barents Region, Nordic countries and internationally to explore the Barents borderland in transition. Kirkenes, just a few miles from the borders to Russia and Finland, has become a transborder town, a gateway to Russia, a crossroad for political decisions and a laboratory for creative solutions to economic, cultural and social challenges in the border region.

BAR facilitates art-production and mediation in the Barents Region: both studio-based work / research and artistic process in public space. BAR is connected to other projects produced by Pikene på Broen such as the annual winter festival Barents Spektakel and the Barents Art Triennale. These events become presentation arenas for works produced under residencies.

BAR is a 3-year project that was started in 2008. It is part of the Nordic AiR network and is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Norwegian Arts Council, Barents Secretariat, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnmark County and Sør-Varanger Municipality.

For more information please visit Bar International and BarentsKult's websites.