International Support

Recipients : September 2004

International Support

Rachel Dagnall

1 January 2004
Rachel Dagnall --

Film production, PS1 Gallery, New York, USA.

Gardar Eide Einarsson

1 January 2004
Gardar Eide Einarsson Artist
Katharina Schlieben Curator
Gau Sönke Curator

Group exhibition, Spektakel und Lustprinzip oder das Karnevaleske? at Shedhalle Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. Curators: Katharina Schlieben, Sönke Gau.

Geir Jenssen

1 January 2004
Geir Jenssen Artist

Collaboration with UK artist Jony Easterby on site-specific sound installation. Samphire Hoe Tower, Dover, UK.

Egil Martin Kurdøl

1 January 2004
Egil Martin Kurdøl Artist

Exhibition, ECO-Photo at Dorsky Gallery, Long Island, New York City, USA.

Marianne Heske

1 September 2004
Marianne Heske Artist

Realization of project/installation Stone Story. Tafjord-Lido, Venice, Italy.

Lene Berg

18 September – 23 October 2004
Lene Berg Artist

Participation in group exhibition Hidden (hi)stories at K&S, Berlin, Germany.

Børre Sæthre

24 September – 17 October 2004
Børre Sæthre Artist

Exhibition at Palais des Artes, Toulouse, France.

Bowles and Johansson

25 September 2004
Vanna Bowles Artist
Robert Johansson Artist

Exhibition, Kroppens tunna skal/The Body's Thin Shell at Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hans Christian Gilje

27 September – 7 October 2004
Hans Christian Gilje Artist

1) Participation with performance, media art festival Electrofringe, Newcastle, Australia and Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia. 2) Screening, Melbourne, Australia.

Elin T. Sørensen

4 – 31 October 2004
Elin T. Sørensen Artist

Workspace at Avataq Cultural Institute, Kuujjuaq, Canada.

Endre Aalrust, Trygve Luktvasslimo

8 – 31 October 2004
Endre Aalrust Artist
Trygve Luktvasslimo

Exhibition of project Diversity is something you can take to the bank at Signal, Berlin, Germany.

Narve Hovdenakk

8 October – 11 December 2004
Narve Hovdenakk Artist

Participation in group exhibition, The Father, part 1 at Gallery Boreas, New York, USA.

Jan Christensen

15 October 2004 – 15 January 2005
Jan Christensen Artist

Residency at National Art Studio, Seoul, South Korea.

Leif Inge Xi

22 – 28 October 2004
Leif Inge Xi Artist

Travel grant for: 1) 9 Beet Stretch and concert installation, Zeke's Gallery, Montreal, Canada. 2) Research, New York, USA.

Catherine Evelid

30 October – 7 November 2004
Catherine Evelid Artist

Group exhibition, Other People at Three Colts Gallery, London, UK.

Thomas Kvam

1 November 2004
Thomas Kvam Artist

Exhibition at Transart Video, Caen, France.

Anders Tomren

1 November 2004
Anders Tomren Artist

Participation, exhibition project at Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland.

Trine Eidsmo

26 November 2004 – 23 January 2005
Trine Eidsmo Artist

Participation, Electrohype 2004 at Malmö kunsthall, Malmö, Sweden.

Maia Urstad

26 November 2004 – 23 January 2005
Maia Urstad Artist

Participation, Sound Barrier, Electrohype 2004 at Malmö Kunsthall, Malmö, Sweden.

Andreas Dalen

27 November 2004 – 9 January 2005
Andreas Dalen Artist

Participation in group exhibition, Now and Ten Years Ago at Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V. - Institute forContemporary Art, Berlin, Germany.

Vibeke Jensen

1 January 2005
Vibeke Jensen Artist

Participation in 2 group exhibitions: Österreiches Museum für Volkskunde, Vienna, Austria and Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum, Salzburg, Austria.

Karianne Stensland

5 – 27 February 2005
Karianne Stensland Artist

Exhibition, Art Holes at Trace Gallery, Cardiff, UK.

International Support with 03–funding

Marianne Magnus, Tove Pedersen

20 – 24 November 2004
Marianne Magnus Artist
Tove Pedersen Artist

Participation, 3rd. International Fiber Art Biennale, Shanghai, China and International art symposium.