International Support

Recipients : September 2005

International Support

Dinh Hai Nguyen, Nextlife

1 January 2005
Dinh Hai Nguyen --

Performance at Fabrics interseason, Vienna, Austria.

Maia Urstad

13 January – 19 February 2005
Maia Urstad Artist

Exhibition of Sound Barrier in The Idea of North, Halifax, Canada.

Hilde Aagaard

30 June – 24 September 2005
Hilde Aagaard Artist

Participation in exhibition at Ilenana Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece.

Rune Andreassen, Kyrre Bjørkaas

1 August – 1 September 2005
Rune Andreassen Artist
Kyrre Bjørkaas Artist

Participation in exhibition at Project 0047, Berlin, Germany

Marius Engh

1 August – 1 October 2005
Marius Engh Artist

Exhibition of No Comply at Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery, University of New York, NY, USA.

Maja Ratjke

1 August 2005
Maja Ratjke Artist

Exhibition of her work Electra Productions in cooperation with Daria Martins, Bexhill, UK.

Tonje Gjevjon

1 September – 1 October 2005
Tonje Gjevjon Artist

Screening of her film Talking in Tongues at the 50th Cork film Festival, Cork, Ireland and Lisbon, Portugal.

Gunnar Gundersen

1 September 2005
Gunnar Gundersen Artist

Participation in the exhibition Broken Glass, Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Susanne Sæther

1 September 2005 – 1 July 2006
Susanne Ø. Sæther --

Travel grant to participation in the Whitney Independent Study Programme, New York City, USA.

Bjarte Gismarvik

4 – 18 September 2005
Bjarte Gismarvik Artist

Presentation together with Kathrin Höhne of the triple screen projection Chief at Hotel Mariakapel Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ingrid Book and Carina Hedén

1 October 2005
Book & Hedén --

Participation in NGBK's presentation, Kunstsalong Berlin, Germany.

Rachel Dagnall

1 October 2005
Rachel Dagnall --

Travel grant for meetings with curators and installing work at Frieze Art Fair, London UK.

Ebba Moi and Gry Ulrichsen

2 October 2005
Ebba Moi Artist
Gry Ulrichsen Artist

Participation in NGBK's presentation, Kunstsalong Berlin, Germany.

Lene Berg

6 October 2005
Lene Berg Artist

Support for site specific work Darwin in Warsaw - a large projection on the wall of the Palace of Culture and Science, one night happening, Warsaw, Poland.

Anders Kjellesvik and Andreas Siqueland

10 – 30 October 2005
Anders Kjellesvik Artist
Andreas Siqueland Artist

Travel grant for a camper tour doing site specific work, Finland.

Jon Løvøen

20 – 30 October 2005
Jon Løvøen Artist

Participation at the Select Media Festival No 4, University of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Mikkel Drabløs Wettre

20 – 30 October 2005
Mikkel Drabløs Wettre Artist

Participation in Pilot 2, London, UK.

Anne Lise Stenseth

22 October 2005
Anne Lise Stenseth Artist

Participation in exhibition Nützlich - suss-museal, das fotografierte Tier, Essen, Germany.

Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic

1 November 2005
Synne Bull Artist
Dragan Miletic Artist

Exhibition of their Belgrade project at The Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia.

Camilla Eeg

1 November 2005
Camilla Eeg --

Travel grant for the festival/symposium Performa05, New York, USA.

Lars Ramberg

1 November 2005
Lars Ramberg Artist

Participation in exhibition at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, Mexico.

Unn Sønju

1 November 2005
Unn Sønju Artist

Participation in two tapestry exhibitions at Museum of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary and Nordjyllandsk Kunstmuseum, Ålborg, Denmark.

Marthe Thorshaug

1 November – 1 December 2005
Marthe Thorshaug Artist

Travel grant for production of the film Comanche, Oklahoma, USA.

Fred Ivar Klemetsen

1 October – 1 January 2006
Fred Ivar Klemetsen Artist

Exhibition of photos at National Museum of National History Washington D.C., USA.

International Support with 03–funding

Anne Karin Furunes

1 September – 1 October 2005
Anne-Karin Furunes Artist

Participation at the 2nd Beijing Biennial.

Hua Wang Guang

1 September – 1 October 2005
Hua Wang Guang Artist

Participation at the 2nd Beijing Biennial.

Sissel Tolaas

1 September – 1 November 2005
Sissel Tolaas Artist

Participation in the 3rd Biennial of Contemporary Art, Tirana, Albania.

Fulya Erdemci

16 September – 30 October 2005
Fulya Erdemci Curator
Elmgreen & Dragset Artist

Mikael Elmgren and Ingar Dragseth´s participation in Pedestrian Exhibition coinciding with the Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey.

Agnes Nedregård

23 September 2005
Agnes Nedregård Artist

Participation in exhibition with live performance at Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

Mette Tronvoll

1 November 2005
Mette Tronvoll Artist

Participation in exhibition Two Asias, Two Europes at Shanghai Doulun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.

Verena Winkelmann

1 December 2005 – 1 January 2006
Verena Winkelmann Artist

Participation in the exhibition Mono, Redsky Space, Haikou City, China.

Jana Winderen

5 December 2005 – 1 June 2006
Jana Winderen Artist

Participation in exhibition The Idea of North, Halifax, Canada.