International Support

Recipients : September 2007

International Biennials and Institutional Grants for Solo Exhibitions

Centre D'Art Contemporain Geneve, Switzerland

24 January – 16 March 2008
Centre D'Art Contemporain Geneve Art Center
Katya García-Antón

Solo exhibition of Gardar Eide Einarsson (b. 1976 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in New York City, NY, USA) co-produced with the Frankfurter Kunstverein. This represents the first solo exhibition of the artist in Switzerland. Catalogue in production (by Revolver Verlag). Curator: Katya García-Antón

5th berlin biennale for contemporary art, Berlin, Germany

5 April – 15 June 2008
5th berlin biennale for contemporary art Biennale

Participation of Pushwagner (born 1940, Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) in the 5th Berlin biennale. Curators: Adam Szymczyk, Director, Kunsthalle Basel, and Elena Filipovic

Grants allocated for Major Exhibitions with 03–Funding


5 June – 5 July 2008
Verdensteatret Artist
Zhang Ga Curator

Participation of Verdensteatret with a large-scale installation Fortellerorkesteret - The Telling Orchestra in Synthetic Times - Media Art China 2008 at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, China. The exhibition is organized around 4 distinctive yet interrelated themes that testify to the incessant and obsessive pursuit of an ideal world through artistic intervention into media and communications technologies as well as bio-cultural spheres. The 4 themes are: Beyond Body,Emotive Digital, Blur: The Recombinant Reality, and Here, There and Everywhere. Curator: Zhang Ga

International Support

Liv Bugge

6 September – 1 December 2007
Liv Bugge Artist
Error One --
LLS 387 --

Participation in a group exhibition at Error One, a nomadic initiative for contemporary art, and also at LLS 387, both spaces located in Antwerp, Belgium. The artist participates with the works Canary Creeper and with Cremation of Care. Curators: Ria Van Landeghem (Error One) and Ulrike Lindmayr (LLS 387)

Are Mokkelbost

21 September – 4 October 2007
Are Mokkelbost Artist

Participation in the group exhibition Antidrom, with participating artists Kim Hiorthøy (b. 1973 in Trondheim, Norway, lives and works in Berlin, Germany), Helen Cho, Maverick, Jan Rohlf and Markus Fiedler, to explore the field of tension between graphical abstraction and figurative symbolism. The exhibition is held at General Public, an independent project space based in Berlin, Germany.

Rachel Dagnall

6 – 25 October 2007
Rachel Dagnall Artist
Lucy Byatt Artistic Director

Participation in Spike Island's Autumn Exhibitions, Bristol, UK, within the context of the collaboration of Henry the 8th Wives. Other artists included are Can Altay and Andre Sousa. Artistic Director: Lucy Byatt

Unni Gjertsen

27 October 2007 – 6 January 2008
Unni Gjertsen Artist
Frédérique Bergholtz Curator
Annie Fletcher Curator
Grant Watson Curator

Participation in the final episode of the second edition of If I Can't Dance focusing on "Feminist Legacies and Potentials in Contemporary Art Practice" within a large scale exhibition at the MuHKA - (Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, Belgium). Other artists include Sanja Ivekovic, Lili Dujourie, Jef Geys, Jutta Koether, Hito Steyerl, Cathy Wilkes, Karl Holmqvist, Frances Stark. Curators: Frédérique Bergholtz, Annie Fletcher, Grant Watson

Kjell Bjørgeengen 1

2 November – 7 December 2007
Kjell Bjørgeengen Artist

Participation in Project 33 at Sydney Non Objective (SNO Contemporary Art Projects) as a collaboration between Salvatore Panatteri (SNO) and the artist in Sydney, Australia.

Agnes Nedregård

9 – 30 November 2007
Agnes Nedregård Artist
Aine Philips Curator

Participation in the festival TulcaLive in Galway, Ireland. Curator: Aine Philips

Les Rencontres Internationales, Paris

22 November – 1 December 2007
Les Rencontres Internationales --
Jena-François Rettig Curator
Nathalie Hénon Curator
Jorunn Myklebost Syversen Artist
Annette Stav Johanssen Artist

Participation for Knut Åsdam (b. 1968 in Trondheim, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway), Jorunn Myklebost Syversen (b. 1978 in Oslo, Norway lives and works in Oslo, Norway), Ane Lan (b. 1972 Kløfta, Norway, lives and works in Kløfta, Norway) and Annette Stav Johanssen (b. 1979 in Kristiansand, Norway, lives and works in Malmö, Sweden) in a citywide film and video project to be held at Centre Pompidou, Jeu de Paume, and I'Entrepôt, Paris, France. Curators: Jean-Francois Rettig, Nathalie Hénon

Anna Sigmund Gudmundsdottir

23 November – 16 December 2007
Anna Sigmund Gudmundsdottir Artist
Anita Paakonen Curator
Paula Wallmark-Nilsson Curator

Solo exhibition entitled DoWillMean, consisting of a theatre performance, wall paintings and installation objects at the non-profit space Galleri 54 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Curators: Anita Paakonen and Paula Wallmark-Nilsson

Kjell Bjørgeengen

25 November – 6 December 2007
Kjell Bjørgeengen Artist

Travel to participate in a live video performance with the cellist Okkyung Lee at The Stone, and with composer Marc Ribot at Issue Space Room, New York, NY, USA.

Marius Watz

24 January – 3 February 2008
Marius Watz Curator

For curating the second edition of Generator.x within the framework of club transmediale - international festival for adventurous music and related visual arts in Berlin to take place under the theme "Unpredictable". Generator.x 2.0 will be produced in partnership with Universität der Künste Berlin, Fachhochschule Potsdam, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst - Institut HyperWerk (Basel) and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

transmediale: festival for art and digital culture Berlin

29 January – 3 February 2008
transmediale Festival
Natasa Petresin Curator

Participation of the work of Lene Berg (b. 1965, Oslo, Norway, lives and works in New York, NY, USA and Oslo, Norway) entitled The Man in the Background within the exhibition Conspire! during transmediale 08 at the House of World Cultures in Berlin, Germany. Curator: Natasa Petresin

Greg Pope

3 – 12 April 2008
Greg Pope Artist
Pablo de Ocampo Curator
Andrew Lampert Curator

Participation in The Images Festival, Toronto, Canada, with the film performance Light Trap and with screenings of short films at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC, NY, USA. Curator: Andrew Lampert, Anthology Film Archives, NYC, NY, USA

Øystein Aasan

24 May – 14 June 2008
Øystein Aasan Artist
Leif Magne Tangen

Participation in the group exhibition Representation of the artist as an Intellectual at D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Germany. Curator: Leif Magne Tangen

International Support with 03–funding

Olga Robayo

12 October – 11 November 2007
Olga Robayo Artist
W139 artist foundation --

Participation of the artist group El Parche (Herman Mbamba, Marius Wang and Olga Robayo) for the exhibition entitledSupermodel, as organized by Kultivator at W139 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with a project that integrates consideration of agriculture, ecology, and food production. Curator: Gijs Frieling, Director, W139

Tone Hansen

1 January 2008
Pooja Sood Curator
Tone Hansen

Research residency to New Delhi and Mumbai as coordinated by the Kohj Collective in New Delhi, India. Curator: Pooja Sood

Stiftelsen 3,14

29 February – 30 April 2008
Pia Torgersen Curator
Malin Barth
Stiftelsen 3,14 Foundation

Participation of Regina Jose Galindo (b. 1974, Guatemala, lives and works in Guatemala) in a performance and seminar held at ACT in Bergen. Among participating artists are included Ana Rewakowicz (PL/UA) and Eglè Raukauskaite (LT). Curators: Pia Torgersen/Malin Barth

Kurt Johannessen

1 – 13 April 2008
Kurt Johannessen Artist
Boris Nieslony Curator

Participation in the Performance Art Laboratory Project (PALP Project), an intercultural lab for international and national performance artists at the Padepokan Lemah Putih and Cilimas Centre, Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia. Curator: Boris Nieslony

Pontus Kyander

25 August – 7 September 2008
Pontus Kyander Curator
Sue Hajdu Curator

Participation of Sten Are Sandbeck (b. 1969 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) with the artist's work entitled No Show in the project entitled Super Structures - an international project presented by A Little Blah Blah Blah (ALBBB) in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Curators: Pontus Kyander and Sue Hajdu