International Support

Recipients : November 2009

International Biennials and Institutional Grants for Solo Exhibitions

17th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

12 May – 1 August 2010
Biennale of Sydney Biennale
Gardar Eide Einarsson Artist

Grant towards the participation of Gardar Eide Einarsson (b. 1976 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in New York, NY, USA) within the 17th Biennale of Sydney, titled 'The Beauty of Distance - Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age', taking place in various venues throughout Sydney in Australia. The biennial will celebrate the beauty of distance while exploring the affirmative power of art in the face of threats. For the biennial, Gardar Eide Einarsson will produce a new work to be installed on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia. Curator: David Elliott, Artistic Director, 17th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

International Support

Victor Boullet

13 February 2009 – 21 March 2010
Victor Boullet Artist
Niet Normaal – Difference on Display' Exhibition

Travel grant towards the participation of Victor Boullet within the project 'Niet Normaal - Difference on Display', taking place at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The project, organised by Foundation Niet Normaal, consists of performances, discussions, film screenings, lectures and an exhibition looking into the concept of normality in contemporary society. Within 'Niet Normaal - Difference on Display' Boullet will exhibit Kate (2003), a series of photographs documenting the physical transformation of a young Jewish girl. Among the exhibited artists are Yael Bartana, Louise Bourgeois, Marlene Dumas, Damien Hirst and Bruce Nauman. Curators: Ine Geversm, Artistic Director, 'Niet Normaal – Difference on Display'

Terje Nicolaisen

7 November 2009 – 13 March 2010
Terje Nicolaisen Artist
Joanna Sandell Curator
Pia Sandström Curator

Grant towards the shipping costs related to the participation of Terje Nicolaisen within 'Don't Worry About the Form' at Botkyrka Konsthall in Botkyrka, Sweden. The exhibition focuses on artist's books, artists' publications, text art, and various aspects of writing in contemporary art. Within the exhibition Nicolaisen will present a selection of his artists books. Other exhibiting artists are Jan Nordberg, Lena Gustafsson and Rebecca Stephany. Curators: Joanna Sandell, Director Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, Sweden and artist Pia Sandström.

Jesper Alvær

17 November 2009 – 17 January 2010
Jesper Alvær Artist
Tomáš Pospiszyl Curator

Grant towards the participation of Jesper Alvær within 'Formats Transformation 89-09', an exhibition looking at changes in the Czech Republic and Central European society between 1989 and 2009. Within the section 'Inventories', curated by Tomáš Pospiszyl at Brno House of Art, Brno, Czech Republic Alvær presents ERRATUM - Representing the Nation (2008). The work, a collaboration with Czech artists Isabela Grosseovà, consists of a bilingual publication containing the statements of 28 museum directors in Czech Republic. Curator: Tomáš Pospiszyl, independent curator and teacher at FAMU, Film and TV School, The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

Kønst Magazine #4

20 November – 6 December 2009
Sara Sølberg Editor
Lene Baadsvig Ørmen Editor
Judith Schmutzer Curator

Grant towards the exhibition 'Erasing Darkness', presented in conjunction with the publication of Kønst Magazine #4, at the Freies Museum in Berlin, Germany. For the exhibition young artists have been commissioned new works that carry the same title as the show and explore the communication between the different works presented. Following the exhibition, the fourth issue of Kønst Magazine will be produced based on the commissioned works. Among the invited artists are Tyra Tingleff (b. 1984 in Hønefoss, Norway, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany) Anna Louise Rosendal and Juan Requena. Curator: Sara Sølberg, Lene Baadsvig Ørmen and Judith Schmutzer, Executive Director, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen

9 December 2009 – 31 January 2010
Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen Artist
Hendrik Bartels Curator
Shantala Fels Curator
Lynn K. Gies Curator
Jennifer Hohmeier Curator
Nicola Kleineke Curator
Katharina Sterzer Curator
Liska Surkemper Curator
Kestnerlab project Curator

Travel grant towards the participation of Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen within 'nichts WHITER | WEITER nichts' at MHH Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover, Germany. The exhibition dwells on the traditional white cube by presenting works that bring forward issues of visibility/invisibility. Within 'nichts WHITER | WEITER nichts', Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen will exhibit paints from the ongoing series Guilty Until Proven Innocent, in which the artist produces portraits of convicted persons that can only be seen under a UV light. The artist will also present a new site-specific project in collaboration with the two other exhibiting artists, Sylvia Franzmann and Katharina Kamph as well as an artist talk. Curators: Hendrik Bartels, Shantala Fels, Lynn K. Gies, Jennifer Hohmeier, Nicola Kleineke, Katharina Sterzer and Liska Surkemper, Kestnerlab project

Kunstcentralen, Oslo, Norway

1 January – 1 October 2010
Kunstcentralen --
University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester --

Grant towards the travelling exhibition 'CULTEX' to be presented at Hub in Lincolnshire, UK; Rugby in Warwickshire, UK; Okayama Prefectuaral Museum of Art, Japan and The Museum of Modern Art in Gunma, Japan. CULTEX is a collaborative exchange of ideas, working methods and creative processes between six artists from Japan and Norway. Norwegian artists are Anniken Amundsen (b. 1971 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Oslo), Gabriella Göransson (b. 1959 in Florence, Italy, lives and works in Oslo) and Eva Schølberg (b. 1959 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Oslo). Curator: Lealey Miller, Professor of Textile Culture, University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester, UK

Margarida Mendes

1 January 2010
Margarida Mendes Curator
Karolin Tampere Artist

Travel grant towards the participation of Karolin Tampere (b. 1978 in Tallin, Estonia, lives and works in Bergen, Norway) within the project 'The Mind' at The Barber Shop in Lisbon, Portugal. Developed by Tampere as part of 'I Love Your Work Satellite (ILYW)', 'The Mind' consists of an artist talk between Tampere and Icelandic artist Egill Sæbjörnsson and a performance by Egill Sæbjörnsson and Brazilian dancer Marcia Moraes. Curator: Karolin Tampere and Margarida Mendes, Curator The Barber Shop

Ingvild Hovland Kaldal

29 January – 1 March 2010
Ingvild Hovland Kaldal Artist
Alice Goudsmit Curator

Travel grant towards the participation of Ingvild Hovland Kaldal within 'Derridas Katze... que donc je suis (à suivre)', an exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany that dwells on the relation between humans and other animals. Within 'Derridas Katze... que donc je suis (à suivre)', Ingvild Hovland Kaldal will exhibit Flags for the Atlantic Sea, a new work consisting of fifty small pieces of newspaper nailed to wooden frames in the shape of butterflies. The pieces of newspaper are from the 1920s and were found in the collection of hummingbirds in the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. Other artists exhibiting within 'Derridas Katze... que donc je suis (à suivre)' are Gehrd Grothusen, Ethan Hayes-Chute and Sylvia Henrich. Curator: Alice Goudsmit, art historian and writer

Ane Lan

29 January – 1 March 2010
Ane Lan Artist
Alice Goudsmit Curator

Travel grant towards the participation of Ane Lan within 'Derridas Katze... que donc je suis (à suivre)', an exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany that dwells on the relation between humans and other animals. Within 'Derridas Katze', Ane Lan will exhibit the video-installation Les Animaux (2004) - a comment both to late 1800-1900 century allegorical painting and current environmental issues - and the performance-work Migrating Birds (2005). Other artists exhibiting within 'Derridas Katze' are Gehrd Grothusen, Ethan Hayes-Chute and Sylvia Henrich. Curator: Alice Goudsmit, art historian and writer

Lotte Konow Lund

29 January – 1 March 2010
Lotte Konow Lund Artist
Alice Goudsmit Curator

Travel grant towards the participation of Lotte Konow Lund within 'Derridas Katze... que donc je suis (à suivre)', an exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany that dwells on the relation between humans and other animals. Within 'Derridas Katze', Lotte Konow Lund will exhibit the video-work Underdog (2003), in which the artist documents a performance, were she crawls in the streets of downtown Oslo. Lotte Konow Lund will also present new drawings. Other artists exhibiting within 'Derridas Katze' are Gehrd Grothusen, Ethan Hayes-Chute and Sylvia Henrich. Curator: Alice Goudsmit, art historian and writer

Fine Art Union

6 – 28 February 2010
Fine Art Union Artist
Galleri 21 Gallery

Grant towards a solo exhibition of artist duo Fine Art Union at Galleri 21 in Malmö, Sweden. Entitled 'Fine Art Union Club', the exhibition will present videos, installations, scenography, objects, sculptures, postcards, CDs and a publication-all related to performance and action works. Fine Art Union will also present a life performance and curate a night of performances by other artists. Curator: Fine Art Union and Göran Green, Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden

Per-Oskar Leu

6 – 27 February 2010
Per-Oskar Leu Artist
Galleri Ping Pong --
Fredrik Værslev Artist

Grant towards the exhibition of the project 'Ideal Setting' at Galleri Ping-Pong in Malmö, Sweden. 'Ideal Settings' is an ongoing project initiated by Norwegian artist Fredrik Værslev (b. 1979 in Moss, Norway, lives and works in Drøbak, Norway and Malmö, Sweden) in 2007 in which he invites colleagues to re-contextualize an existing work, by placing it in an 'ideal setting' of their own choosing. The piece is then photographed in it's new location, and presented as a collaborative work between Værslev and the artist. For the exhibition in Malmö, Per-Oskar Leu has chosen the 2006 painting If You Can Remember It, You Weren't Really There. Curator: Gert-Olle Göransson, Owner Galleri Ping Pong, Malmö, Sweden

Hege Loenne

7 February – 7 March 2010
Hege Loenne Artist
Bard College --

Grant towards the participation of Hege Loenne within 'Derangement', an exhibition developed as part of the thesis project of Michal Jachula in the graduate programme at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA. 'Derangement' exhibits works that presets various rearranged realities, shaped by visual language. For the exhibition Hege Loenne will produce a commissioned site-specific video-installation that uses a scaled model of the gallery at Bard College to produce a confused situation and a feeling of unbalance. Other exhibiting artists are Jacek Malinowskition, Dan Miller, Anna Ostoya and Saul Fletcher. Curator: Michal Jachula, Graduate Programme, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA

Kjell Bjørgeengen

13 February – 21 March 2010
Kjell Bjørgeengen Artist
CCNOA Art Center

Grant towards the participation of Kjell Bjørgeengen within 'Composite visions_CCNOA', a touring group exhibition organised by CCNOA Brussels, Belgium. 'Composite visions_CCNOA', which takes place at CAN Centre d'art Neuchatel in Neuchatel, Switzerland, looks into the discourse surrounding the historical, formal and contemporary explorations within the concept of 'reductive'. For 'Composite Visions' Kjell Bjørgeengen will produce a new video-work in which he looks into the idea of 'reductive' by self-imposing certain restrictions on the production process. Among other exhibiting artists are Julian Dashper, Amy Granat and Clemens Hollerer. Curators: Tilman, Artistic Director and Petra Bungert, Executive Director CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium

Jannicke Låker

19 – 20 February 2010
Jannicke Låker Artist
Karin Laansoo Curator
Maria Arusoo Curator

Grants towards the participation of Jannicke Låker within 'Art, Image, and Exploitation', a two-day conference examining the relationship of image, power, and exploitation in, with and around art and taking place at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Estonia. Besides participating in the conference, the artist will screen the video-works Running Woman (2006) andSketch for a Rape Scene (2003). Other invited participants are Jan Verwoert, Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson. Curators: Karin Laansoo, Director, PointB International Residency, New York, NY, USA and Maria Arusoo, postgraduate studies in Contemporary Art Theory, Goldsmiths College of Art, London, UK

Unn Fahlstrøm

1 March – 1 May 2010
Unn Fahlstrøm Artist
Residency SIM Residence

Travel grant towards research for a new video-installation based on footage of migrating birds from different countries and locations. The research will take place in connection to a residency at Residency SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland. Residency Curator: Ingibjörg Gunnlaugsdòttir, Manager, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists

Bjørn Hegardt

1 March – 1 May 2010
Bjørn Hegardt Artist
Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Ujazdowski Castle --

Grant towards a presentation, a magazine launch and exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland. The project relates to a residency at the art centre and will consist of the production of a new issue of FUKT magazine with a focus on Polish and Scandinavian contemporary drawing practice. Besides drawings, the issue will present essays written by, among others, Line Ulekleiv, Tommy Olsson, Sebastian Cichocki and Marianna Dobkowska. Curator: Marianna Dobkowska, Curator, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Markus Li Stensrud

1 March 2010
Markus Li Stensrud Artist
Adnan Yildiz Freelance curator

Travel grant towards research and further development of the project Everyone's Gone To The Moon - The Fragments of Walther Holtzmann. The Fragments of Walther Holtzmann is part of an ongoing project called Everyone's Gone To The Moon and it will consist of a film, a publication and a sound-work about Walther Holtzmann, an east German who, after the Second World War transformed his apartment into a strange, fragmented landscape, inspired by fictitious visions of the moon. At invitation of Adnan Yildiz, a freelance curator and writer based in Berlin, Germany, Everyone's Gone To The Moon - The Fragments of Walther Holtzmann will be shown in a suitable context. Curator: Adnan Yildiz

AV Festival / Audio Visual Arts North East, Newcastle, UK

5 – 14 March 2010
AV Festival --
Jana Winderen Artist

Grant towards the participation of Jana Winderen (b. 1965 in Bodø, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) within AV Festival 10 taking place in the cities of Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough, UK. AV Festival is a biennial event that focuses on newly commissioned electronic-work featuring visual art, music and moving image. For the 2010 edition, Jana Winderen will developed a new audiovisual work portraiting the River Coquet in rural Northumberland, UK. Curator: Rebecca Shatwell, Director, AV Festival

Lars Morell

10 May – 5 June 2010
Lars Morell Artist
Agnes Violeau Curator
Christian Alandete Curator

Grant towards the participation of Lars Morell within 'Fiction', at the Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard in Paris, France. The exhibition investigates the border between image and text exploring possible ways of interpreting visual in text-based works. Within 'Fiction' Morell exhibits Food for Thought, a sill-life work presented on plinths and composed of various media such as photographs, drawings and text, produced for the exhibition. Among other exhibiting artists are Gardar Eide Einarsson (b. 1976 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in New York, NY, USA) Jean-Baptiste Bernardet and Jorge Pedro Nunez. Curators: Agnes Violeau and Christian Alandete, directors, J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites...

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

1 June 2010
Luiza Teixeira de Freitas Curator
Marius Engh Artist

Grant towards the participation of Marius Engh (b. 1974 in Oslo, Norway, lives and works in Oslo) within the exhibition 'Like Tears in Rain' at the Palácio das Artes - Fábrica de Novos Talentos in Porto, Portugal. The exhibition will present new site-specific commissioned works that dwells on the notion of the ephemeral nature of existence. Other invited artists are Cildo Meireles, Carlos Garaicoa and Euan Macdonald. Curator: Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, MFA in Curating Contemporary Art, Goldsmiths University, London, UK

International Support with 03–funding

Michael O`Donnell

1 November 2009 – 1 November 2010
Michael O`Donnell Artist
Zambia National Visual Arts Council --

Travel grant towards a conference meeting with the Zambia National Visual Arts Council to further discuss the development of the Art Academy Without Walls in Lusaka, Zambia. The Art Academy Without Walls was created in 1996 with the aims of establishing the first art academy in Zambia and open up Zambian art towards the international discourse within contemporary art. Invitation by Kenneth Chulu, Vice National Chairman, Zambia National Visual Arts Council, Lusaka, Zambia

Marianne Heske

1 January 2010
Marianne Heske Artist
The National Museums of Kenya --

Grant towards a solo presentation of the installation 'Tète à Tète' at the Fort Jesus, The National Museums of Kenya in Mombasa, Kenya. The installation is part of an ongoing project about migration which will have it's final presentation at Stenersen Museum in Oslo, Norway on November 2010. Curator: Ali S. Baakabe, Principal Curator, The National Museums of Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya

Hjørdis Kurås

1 January – 1 March 2010
Hjørdis Kurås Artist
Ravi Sundaram Residency invitation

Grant towards the public programme presented by Hjørdis Kurås as part of her residency at the Sarai Programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, India. During her stay, the artist aims to develop the project Delhi diversity (working title) which focus on diversity in everyday urban life in Delhi. Residency invitation by Ravi Sundaram, Co-Director Sarai Programme, New Delhi, India

Daniella van Dijk-Wennberg

7 February – 6 March 2010
Daniella van Dijk-Wennberg Artist
Aura Seikkula Curator
Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos --

Travel grant towards the participation of Daniella van Dijk-Wennberg within the workshop 'On Independence - The ambivalence of Promise' at Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria. Each year the Centre for Contemporary Art initiates an in-depth event focus on lens-based media and other experimental artistic practices with the aim of encouraging and supporting artists interested in exploring different possibilities within the medium. In 2010 the focus will be on Fine Art Photography. Other participating artists are Aura Seikkula, Giovanni Carmini, Miriam Backstrom and Rosangela Renno. Curators: Bisi Silva, Artistic Director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Nigeria and Aura Seikkula

May Odeh

11 – 21 February 2010
May Odeh Artist
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Berlinale Talent Campus --

Travel grant for development of the documentary The Diary. The film presents a portrait of three young Palestinian women through the concept of diaries as space for them to share their fears, memories, thoughts and hope. The Diary is expected to be shown at Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin in February 2010. Curator: Anna Lässer, Berlinale Talent Campus, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Stina Högkvist

1 March – 1 April 2010
Stina Högkvist Curator
El Parche Artist Residency --
Marius Wang Curator
Olga Robayo Curator

Grant towards the participation of Stina Högkvist at El Parche Artist Residency in Bogotá, Colombia. During her stay Högkvist will conduct research of the art-scene in Colombia and organise a workshop culminating in an exhibition at El Parche Artist residency within the thematic of sustainable aesthetics. Curator: Marius Wang and Olga Robayo

BEK–Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst, Bergen, Norway

1 June 2010
BEK–Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst Art Center
Malin Barth
Trond Lossius Curator
Maia Urstad Curator

Grant towards the participation of South African artists James Webb, Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter within the residency and exhibition project 'South Africa 2010'. During a research residency the artists will develop site-specific on issues relating to South Africa and Norway. These works will be presented in an exhibition at the Galleri 3,14 in Bergen. The exhibition will also contain a video screening, as well as an audio programme, of selected South African art works. The residency component of the project will take place at the Artist in Residence Programme at USF Verftet in Bergen. Curators: Malin Barth, Galleri 3,14, Trond Lossius, BEK and artist Maia Urstad

Anne Katrine Dolven

5 June – 11 July 2010
Anne Katrine Dolven Artist
Platform China --

Grant towards a solo exhibition on Anne Katrine Dolven at Platform China in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The exhibition, titled 'Ahead' will present three works, which according to the curator, demonstrate seminal aspects of her practice - the video-installation Between the Morning and the Handbag (2002), the film-loop Amazon (2005) and the video-installation Ahead (2008). During her stay in China, the artist will also present talks on her practice. Curator: David Thorp, Associate Curator, Platform China, Beijing, People’s Republic of China