International Support

Recipients : November 2012

Number of applications: 38
Number of grants: 25
Total amount applied for: NOK 1.667.373
Total amount granted: NOK 575.491

Number of applications: 5
Number of grants: 1
Total number applied for: NOK 391.650
Total amount granted: NOK 43.700

International Biennials and Institutional Grants for Solo Exhibitions

Audun Mortensen

8 October – 10 November 2013
Audun Mortensen Artist

Audun Mortensen, The Collected Jokes of Slavoj Žižek, (2011). Courtesy of the artist

Support provided for a solo exhibition by artist Audun Mortensen (b.1985 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) as part of the Fotograf Festival 2013 at the Futura Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic. According to curator Michal Novotny, the festival ‘will focus on the relationship between text and image’. Titled ‘Unread Items’, Mortensen’s exhibition will include ‘an installation of writings and other visible things on paper, which explores the material qualities of language – visual, aural, and beyond’. Curator: Michal Novotný, project manager and curator, Futura Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic

NOK 4 000