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Recipients : October 2015

Number of applications: 73
Total number of granted applications: 22
Application total amount: 2.931.560 NOK
Current funds distribution status: 374.374 NOK

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International Biennials and Institutional Grants for Solo Exhibitions

Hilde Methi

22 January – 7 March 2016
Hilde Methi

Support is provided to the curator Hilde Methi (b.1970 in Kirkenes, Norway, lives and works in Kirkenes) who is curating a double solo exhibition titled 'Improvement of Market Facilities' together with Ulrike Solbrig at the ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz, Bildersaal Zukunft in Berlin, Germany. According to Methi, 'they will present their last Mobile Kultur ByrÄ (MKB) intervention in Kirkenes on the Russian Market titled 'Improvement of Market Facilities', where they equipped the fourteen commuting Russian Market traders with tents. Each backside is designed by an artist. The exhibition invites all artists who contributed to feature their 'original' behind their design. Furthermore, they will do a book-launch related to 'Improvement of Market Facilities'. Ulrike Solbrig will also contribute an artistic comment to MKB's work.
Curators: Hilde Methi (cutator) and Ulrike Solbrig (artist and curator), 'Improvement of Market Facilities', ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz, Bildersaal Zukunft, Berlin, Germany.

NOK 18 000