Residencies : ISCP New York City

1 September 2008 – 31 May 2009

Are Mokkelbost


Are Mokkelbost, ION – 2ND LEVEL, 6TH ELEMENT, NO. 01, 2006 Courtesy of the artist

Are Mokkelbost lives and works in Oslo. He is member of the bands KILLL, Single Unit and ARM. Are Mokkelbosts work is influenced by the methodology of music and design, two fields he has been constantly involved in. Limitations in the form of formal restraints and an imaginary audience group are defined. This marks the beginning of a series of synthetic genres to be explored. Are Mokkelbost subscribes to these parallel and contrasting image worlds on a long term basis, spending most of the time finding visual solutions to compensate for conceptual leaps and ad hoc constructions. This moves the focus from artistic authorship to image systems and their criteria. His last body of work, ION, is a collage image world based on visual transformation of fashion magazine photography to symbolic opposites with the aid of only scissors and glue. ION is defined as a teenage image world. Several ION collages will be shown at 0047 in Oslo from 25 April 2008, at A Week Of Kindness, a split show with Elise Storsveen.