Residencies : ISCP New York City

1 September – 30 November 2004

Marianne Zamecznik


Marianne Zamecznik is a curator based in Oslo, Norway. She studied at the curating programme at Konstfack in Stockholm from 2000 to 2002. In 2002 she co-founded Simon Says together with Stina Högkvist, with the aim of realising various art-projects, events, exhibitions and publications. Zamecznik simultaneously held a position as a curator and producer at Filmform, the Swedish video art distribution archive, from 2002 to 2004. Since February 2007, Zamecznik has been the program director of 0047 in Oslo, where she has presented projects and solo exhibitions with, most recently, Hans Thorsen, Marte Johnslien, Saskia Holmkvist and Josefine Lyche. Her curated projects include 'The space between us - Introducing the work of Stanislaw Zamecznik' (0047), 'Vodou' (0047 and Gallery 54, Gothenburg), 'Soft Spot' (0047), 'MUTE' (Bastard, Oslo and Tromsø Kunstforening), 'Untrue Stories' (Media Art Farm CCCD, Tibilisi) and 'Bokaktig' (Fotogalleriet). She has worked as an art critic in, and Billedkunst, and has been an editor for a number of publications and catalogues.