Residencies : ISCP New York City

1 September – 31 May 2003

Tone Hansen


Tone Hansen is an artist who writes. Currently she is working as a research fellow at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. 2001-2003 She was Chair of UKS (Young Artists Society), Oslo. She was actively involved in establishing the forum Institute for Art and Theory. Projects include: 2006: Anthology What Does "Public" Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena, Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, Oslo; Poster project for The Subway; Conference The New Administration of Aesthetics. 2005: Appendix, The National Gallery, Oslo. Hansen has written texts for IASPIS (Stockholm), Derivé (Austria) and several art magazines and publications as well as newspapers. Founding member of the society Freie Klasse at Kunstakademiet.