The Nordic Pavilion Press Coverage

Published 2015/05/18

Below we have gathered a selection of press clippings concerning 'Rapture' in the Nordic Pavilion. Please contact OCA if you are interested in the full list.

Artnet lists Camille Norment as one of 12 amazing sound artists changing our perception of art. Published 4 August 2016.

Google Cultural Institute allows you to explore the Nordic (and other) pavilions at the 2015 Venice Biennale including a full virtual tour.

'Historisk fremover'. Interview with Camille Norment for Norwegian online music journal Ballade. Published 11 September.

National Pavilions / 56th Venice Biennale. Review of the Nordic Pavilion by Jennifer Piejko in Flashart online. Published 28 May.

Le Paradox places Camille Norment and the Nordic Pavilion alongside Joan Jonas in the US Pavilion as the absolute hightlights of the Venice Biennale. Published 21 May.

'Mellom utopi og dystopi'. Review of the Nordic Pavilion in Sydsvenskan (in Swedish). Published 19 May.

'Elitism, excellence and culture's tug of war'. By FT's Art Editor Jan Dalley. Published 16 May.

The South China Morning Post hightlights the Nordic Pavilion as one of top five pavilions at La Biennale di Venezia. Published 16 May.

The Nordic Pavilion on The Double Negative.

NY Times' Roberta Smith mentions the Nordic Pavilion in her review of the venice Biennale. Published 15 May.

Dazed lists Camille Norment as one of the top artists at this year's Venice Biennale.

Vernissage TV interviews Camille Norment and Katya García-Antón about the Nordic Pavilion. Published 15 May.

Wallpaper highlights Camille Norment's 'Rapture' in the Nordic Pavilion as one of the best 20 artistic offerings from the Venice Biennale 2015. Published 14 May.

Review of the Nordic Pavilion in Kunstkritikk (in Swedish). Published 14 May.

'Rapture' by Camille Norment at the Nordic Pavilion on Designboom. Published 14 May.

On Wednesday 13 May, NRK P2 Kulturhuset broadcasted a reportage by Erik Jacobsen from La Biennale di Venezia, Including an interview with Camille Norment and Joan Jonas. (In English and Norwegian)

'Ekstatisk glede og sårbar ettertanke'. Review of the Nordic Pavilion in Dagsavisen (in Norwegian). Published 13 May.

'Lavmælte lydkulisser'. Review of the Nordic Pavilion in Aftenposten (in Norwegian). Published 10 May.

Presentation of the Nordic Pavilion including interviews with the artist and curator on Biennale Arte 2015's YouTube channel. Published 10 May.

Video 'Behind the Biennale: Camille Norment’s Haunting Symphony Shatters the Nordic Pavilion’ created by Artsy. Published 9 May.

The Venice Questionnaire 2015 #35: Camille Norment. Published in Artreview 9 May.

'Multisensory show in Nordic pavilion is poetic with a powerful political message' - review of the Nordic Pavilion in The Art Newspaper. Published 8 May.

Karin Hindsbo reports from the opening days of the Venice Biennale for Aftenposten. Published 8 May.

Lisbeth Bonde reviews the Nordic Pavilion in Published 7 May.

Valerie Duponchelle writes about OCA's celebratory dinner, in the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, for Le Figaro on 7 May.

According to Artsy the Nordic Pavilion is one of the greatest hits of the biennale. Published 7 May.

See a video of Camille Norment for the Nordic Pavilion as part of Christie's Biennale Blog published 8 May.

On Wednesday 15 April 2015 'Camille Norment og glassharmonikaen' was broadcasted as part of Kulturhuset on NRK P2 radio. You can listen to the reportage here. (In English and Norwegian)

Kristian Skylstad did a long interview with Camille Norment called 'Eye of the Wind' published on Kunstkritikk 4 May.

'Talking it over' - preview of the first cross-pavilion talk at La Biennale di Venezia. Published 1 May.

In her article 'New Venice Biennale Chief Beckons Artists on the Margins', Wall Street Journal's Mary Lane speaks about how Camille Norment in the Nordic Pavilion 'promotes Norway's diverse artistic population'. Published 30 April.