Press Releases : 2007/02

Semesterplan Week 8: Clive Kellner and Helke Bayrle

Published 2007/02/20

Pieter Hugo Judges, Botswana (the Honourable Justice Unity Dow), 2005 Courtesy of Michael Stevenson Gallery


Afternoon talk
Helke Bayrle
Portikus: A History of Exhibition Making

... and later that evening ...

Clive Kellner
Rupture and Continuities:
Post-Apartheid Art and Contemporary Practice in South Africa

ISP Oslo Studio 4
Office for Contemporary Art Norway
Back entrance
Wergelandsveien 17
0167 Oslo

More on Helke Bayrle's talk

Since 1993, Helke Bayrle has been making very personal documentations of nearly all the artists who have been showing with this Frankfurt based exhibition hall. As an important reflection on the history of contemporary exhibition making, Bayrle presents a selection from nearly over 90 short films introducing different artist strategies in approaching a very particular space. Among the artists included: Sherrie Levine, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gabriel Orozco, Simon Starling, Dominique Gonzales-Forster, Philippe Parreno. The duration of the films differs from 3 minutes to 10 minutes always shown from the artist's perspective — revealing the artist's take on the composition of the project — the thinking/doing/changing/doubting/acting out — together with the Portikus team.

More on Clive Kellner's talk

Clive Kellner, director of the Johannesburg Art Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa, will address the various discourses and artistic languages that have shaped the contemporary South African art scene since 1994. Taking a look at examples from the late 80's through until the present day, Kellner's talk aims to take the form of images of art works by various artists in order to guide the audience through a relatively unfamiliar art context. His points of departure from the 1980's provide examples of formailsm and critical regionalism, and the 90's introduces resistance art, transitional art and internationalism through the 1st and 2nd Johannesburg Biennales. The post 2000 period begins to identify new movements and post political directions and examines current discourses of race, identity and gender.

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