Press Releases : 2011/05

New OCA website

Published 2011/05/24


We have renewed our website to provide easier access to information about our many activities at OCA. The navigation has been improved by grouping our International Support and International Residency programmes under the 'Grants' tag. In addition to the ordinary recipient lists we have included the additional 'Current Projects' feature, where an up-to-date list of ongoing projects receiving International Support is available at all times. Activities forming part of our public platform may be found in the 'Semesterplan' menu, where you can also find information about Norway's official participation in the 54th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2011. We are now selling our 'Verksted' series online, and the new website has a function that allows you to browse inside the publications for a preview before you purchase.

The website has been developed in collaboration with web designer Dorian Fraser Moore from The Useful Arts Organisation:

'My aim in the redesign of was: to improve the ability for the various audience demographics to find the information they are looking for; to provide a framework for richer documentation of their projects; to better emphasise the wide range of international connections OCA has and is developing; to provide an improved channel for communicating their multiple activities.

The website is partly a publishing platform and partly a database, the goal of which is to link together the various practitioners and organisations OCA work with, how they work with them and to present a transparent picture of OCA's activities at all levels. As new relationships are established, and new documentation is created, the site will unfold into it's full potential creating an evolving document of OCA's field of influence.'

Feedback on the new OCA website would be very much appreciated to Tara Ishizuka Hassel, Information and Web Manager, OCA.