Press Releases : 2017/05

A conversation with Alf Isak Keskitalo and Vigdis Stordahl, moderated by Geir Tore Holm

Published 2017/05/29

Door knob by Iver Jåks. Courtesy of Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat/The Sámi Collections.


‘Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat / The Sami Collections Revisited’

An open conversation with Alf Isak Keskitalo and Vigdis Stordahl, conceived and moderated by Geir Tore Holm

Organised in collaboration with RiddoDuottarMuseat (Sami Museums of Western Finnmark) and Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (Sami Center for Contemporary Art) as part of OCA’s ‘Museums on Fire!’

Wednesday 31 May 2017, 19:00

Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat
Mari Boine geaidnu 17
Kárášjohka I

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Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat
Miessemánu 31. b. 2017 dii. 19, Sámiid Vuorká-Dávviriin, Kárášjogas.
Rabas ságastallan i.a. Alf Isak Keskitalo, filosofa ja okta SVD vuođđudeddjiin 1972 ja Vigdis Stordahl, servodatdiehtti ja SVD ovddeš bargi ja stivrrajođiheaddji. Ságastallama stivre Geir Tore Holm, dáiddár.
Dáiddalaš lágideami servet ovttasbarggus RiddoDuottarMuseat, SDG–Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš ja Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA).

De Samiske Samlinger
31. mai 2017, 19.00, RiddoDuottarMuseat - samiske museer og samisk kunstsamling, Karasjok.
En åpen samtale mellom Alf Isak Keskitalo, filosof og den første direktøren for De Samiske Samlinger i 1972, og Vigdis Stordahl, samfunnsviter, tidligere ansatt og styreleder for De Samiske Samlinger. Moderert av kunstner Geir Tore Holm.
En kunstnerisk intervensjon i samarbeid med RiddoDuottarMuseat, SDG–Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš og Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA).

OCA is pleased to announce a conversation between Alf Isak Keskitalo (philosopher and founding director of Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat – SVD) and Vigdis Stordahl (social scientist and Head of SVD Board), conceived and moderated by artist Geir Tore Holm, at RiddoDuottarMuseat (Sami Museums of Western Finnmark), Kárášjohka, on Wednesday, 31 May, 19:00. Titled ‘Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat / The Sami Collections Revisited’ this discussion brings together the voices that, in 1972, initiated the project of acquiring, collecting and exhibiting Sami art and culture in the form of Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat (The Sami Collections), currently administered by the RiddoDuottarMuseat through four museums. These museums, located in Kárášjohka/Karasjok, Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, Porsáŋggu/Porsanger and Jáhkovuona/Kokelv, harbour approximately 5,000 objects, an art collection of about 800 works and an outdoor museum with a number of historic Sami buildings.

Geir Tore Holm´s discursive proposal in RiddoDuottarMuseat is part of ‘Museums on Fire!’, a project which launched in Oslo on 20–21 April, as a symposium within a scenography specially commissioned to artist Anders Sunna (on view at OCA Oslo until 25 June).
‘Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat / The Sami Collections Revisited’, is organised by OCA, in collaboration with RiddoDuottarMuseat and Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (Sami Center for Contemporary Art).

About the speakers

Geir Tore Holm (b.1966) is an Sami artist from Olmmáivággi/Manndalen in Troms County. He is currently a research fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, with an artistic research project titled ‘Poetics for Changing Aesthetics’, at the department of Arts and Crafts. In 2006-2007, Holm was the head of the project for the establishment of the Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing in Tromsø. Since 2010 he has lived and worked from the farm, Ringstad, in Skiptvet, Østfold. Holm works with media such as video, photography, sculpture, performance and installation, and has also curated various exhibitions. In addition to his art practice, Holm engages in a parallel activity of writing about and teaching contemporary art. He has initiated various art projects such as ‘Balkong’, Trondheim, 1993, in which the domestic space of the home was used as the exhibition space, and in 2003 he initiated the ‘Sørfinnset skole/ the nord land’ in Gildeskål, Nordland, together with his partner Søssa Jørgensen. This ongoing project focuses in part on the exploitation of nature, ecology, the exchange of knowledge and small-scale architecture. Holm was recently part of the interdisciplinary project ‘Show Me Colour: Resist, Stand Up, Advocate’ focusing on contemporary Sami expression. Holm’s works were shown at RAKE Visningsrom from 7 to 19 February 2017. ‘Show me Colour’ was produced by the Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš in collaboration with the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art and RAKE Visningsrom.

Alf Isak Keskitalo (b.1944) is a Sami philosopher and former Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat director who is considered one of the leading Sami thinkers of the late 1960s. His work, publications and lectures on indigenous epistemology inspired political work as well as academic discussions. Keskitalo was one of the most important ideologists leading up to the establishment of the Norwegian Sami Association (NSR) in 1968 and later the Nordic Sami Institute in 1973. Keskitalo was also a member of the Sami Rights Committee (Samerettsutvalget) from 1980-82. The Committee was established by the Norwegian Government within the context of the extensive demonstrations for Sami rights during the Alta Action of the late 70s, early 80s, that in turn catalysed governmental acceptance to investigate the status of Sami cultural and political rights related to land, water and resources in Northern Norway/Sapmi, specifically in the county of Finnmark.

Dr. Vigdis Stordahl (b.1951) is a social scientist and anthropologist, researcher and former associate professor at the University of Tromsø. Stordahl has contributed extensively to Indigenous thought with research based literature in fields like Sami identity, gender and health issues. Stordahl has been an important voice in contemporary Sami academic development, cultural, power and social analysis.

About ‘Museums on Fire!’
Museums on Fire!’ is a project considering the entanglement of art institutions within the colonial and modernist ideologies that created them, and asking artists, curators, academics, indigenous and non-indigenous, to consider the spaces and processes through which indigenous artistic practices, past and present, should be addressed today. What would a non-colonial museum look, feel and sound like? Is it enough to widen the modernist art historical canon through the politics of inclusion? And is the museum per se an obsolete model for indigenous practices? Should novel constellations of thought and practice be sought to affirm and mediate the indigenous discourses of the future? Speakers in the symposium featured Raven Chacon, Carola Grahn, Geir Tore Holm, Anna Hudson, Eva Dagny Johansen, Jonathan Jones, Duane Linklater, Catalina Lozano, Gerald McMaster, Anne May Olli and Anders Sunna. Artists’ interventions by Raven Chacon, Carola Grahn, with screenings of works by Geir Tore Holm and Duane Linklater. ‘Museums on Fire!’ is curated by Katya García-Antón, with Antonio Cataldo, Ida Marie Ellinggard and Vilde Horvei.

The scenography by Anders Sunna in Oslo remains on public view at OCA from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 until 25 June 2017. A Concert with Sami singer, actress and activist Sofia Jannok will take place within Sunna´s scenography on 14 June, 19.00.

Click here to see full video recordings from the symposium.

For more information, please contact OCA’s Communication Manager Tara Hassel.

About ‘Thinking at the Edge of the World. Perspectives from the North’
‘Museums on Fire!’ forms part of ‘Thinking at the Edge of the World. Perspectives from the North’, a broad cross-disciplinary project exploring the cultural history of Northern Norway/Sapmi, curated by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). Structured through a series of regional and international dialogues and partnerships, the project unfolds in various forms and locations across Norway and beyond, including research, artists’ residencies, exhibitions, text commissions and a number of activities implemented through an OCA pilot office in Tromsø as well as its premises in Oslo.