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KNIPSU, Volt and Small Projects at Supermarket 2012

'Aftertaste' candies served as part of 'Thank you for listening'. Photo: Anne Marte Dyvi, Ytter



Exhibition Dates: 17–19 February 2012
Press Preview: Thursday 16 February, 11:00–13:00

The artist-run spaces KNIPSU (consisting of Hilde Jørgensen, Kristin Tårnesvik and Maya Økland), Volt (a curatorial project by Marie Nerland) and Small Projects (consisting of Jet Pascua and Laurent Fauconnier) are participating in Supermarket 2012, an international artist-run art fair in Stockholm. According to curator Pontus Raud, the goal of Supermarket is to 'provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene'. Initiated and organised by artists, Supermarket 'invites the wider public to become a part of what is happening on the artist-run scene, offering visitors unexpected meetings and experiences rather than focusing on sales'. An extensive series of lectures and performances titled 'Supermarket Talks' and 'Red Spot Performance Programme' is also taking place throughout the period of the fair.

For Supermarket 2012, KNIPSU will conduct a workshop under the title 'Thank you for listening' together with the artist group Ytter (consisting of Julie Lillelien Porter, Anne Marthe Dyvi and Anngjerd Rustand). As a starting point for the dialogues and works, the 'ethical side of being a wealthy oil nation, and the consequences this has for artists and art in Norway' will be discussed. The workshop will deal with thematically linked keywords such as power, economy, authority and guilt through conversations, performance and visual artworks. A Speakers Corner will be set up and self-made black 'Aftertaste' candies will be served. Volt is participating with ‘an exhibition in the form of a book’, presenting artworks made especially for the occasion by aiPotu, BADco., Milena Bonilla, Phil Coy, Institute for Colour, plan b, Mai Hofstad Gunnes and Per-Oskar Leu.
 Small Projects will present works by artists Ane Sagatun, Kristine Halmrast, Margrethe Pettersen, Joar Nango, Sigurd Gurvin and Eric Zamuco.

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KNIPSU is both an artist-run space based in Bergen, Norway, and a mobile platform, producing exhibitions, events, screenings, concerts, workshops and publications. KNIPSU set out to provide an interdisciplinary meeting point for creative exchange and dialogue between artists across national borders. It is run within the framework of collaboration and DIY by Hilde Jørgensen, Kristin Tårnesvik and Maya Økland since August 2010.

About Volt
Volt is a curatorial project initiated in Bergen in 2008 by Marie Nerland, presenting new art projects by Norwegian and international contemporary artists, including exhibitions, time-based media, performances, discursive projects and sound art projects, with a special focus on artists who work across several media and modes of expression. Volt is a non-commercial curatorial initiative that does not have its own exhibition space, but finds suitable locations for each project.

About Small Projects
Small Projects began as a nomadic art initiative in 2001. After receiving support from the Norwegian Arts Council, Small Projects established a permanent location in the city of Tromsø in January 2011.

OCA Support 

The participation of KNIPSU, Volt and Small Projects at Supermarket 2012 has been supported by OCA's International Support Programme.