Seminar : 18 February 2006

Draft Deceit (Addendum)

The full day seminar Draft Deceit (Addendum) was held 18 February at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and was attended by 220 persons including members from the art, architectural and academic community. It addressed issues explored within the exhibition Draft Deceit - the relationship between the artist and society via the issues of form and aesthetics explored by conceptual artists in the 1960s. In a series of discussions, the seminar approached the way in which artists such as Dan Graham and Lawrence Weiner view their work in relation to their practice in the 1970s via the light thrown by the exhibition on the post conceptual character by contemporary art and through the standpoint of other artists who find these practices relevant to their own. Discussions focused on the use of language as a sculptural device; incompletedness as a project; the investigation of the structural properties of film; and the adoptionof architectural tropes as political criticism.

Org. by OCA with additional support from AHO and the Architectural Association, Oslo.