Presentation : 8 November 2007 01:01

Film as a Critical Practice : Who is Watching? Some Strategies in the Construction of the Spectator

The presentation examines several strategies in the construction of the spectator used by a number of recent films. The discussion will start with Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij's Mandarin Ducks (2005), a film that will be analysed with the help of the notions of critical art and appellation in the work of Louis Althusser, as well as epic theatre and V-effect in Bertolt Brecht, in an attempt to account for the model of spectatorship that the film proposes. This model (or models), as well as its political implications, will then be discussed in relation to theories of subjectivation, with the help of visual material taken from recent feature films (for example, by Michael Haneke) and contemporary art films (for example, by Sharon Hayes or Stuart Sherman).