Seminar : 14 October 2006

'ISMS 2: Recuperating Political Radicality in Contemporary Art' Populism and Genre

Populism and Genre continues the investigation of the general theme of the ISMS series: the complex and problematic relationships between artistic movements, political movements, and individual works. The question of populism has been at the heart of debates about both the political and the formal aspects of contemporary art in Britain since the mid 1990s. This conference examines the concept of populism via the issue of genre: specifically, the changed status and functioning of genres within contemporary art, after the decline in the independent significance of traditional media (painting and sculpture), and in the context of the increasing individualism of contemporary art. Particular attention will be paid to: the status of genres as social forms; art's relations to mass media genres; the strategic use of genre within post-conceptual practice; and the political functioning of genres as carriers of populism.


Introductions: Peter Osborne
Victor Burgin: Populism, Genre and the Blank Canvas
John Kraniauskas: Eva Peron as the Image of Peronism
Marta Kuzma: The Role of Sex in Representations of Scandinavia in the 1970s
Éric Alliez: Capitalism, Schizophrenia, and Consensus: Of Relational Aesthetics

Jutta Koether: Metalists Moments: A Performative Presentation

Tickets £15 students, £25 waged, available from Tate Britain.

As this fourth seminar in the Verksted series is organized by the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, OCA is making a subsidy available to Norwegian residents wishing to attend the conference. Should you wish to attend, please write to to make an arrangement for refund of the cost of the ticket. Proof of Norwegian citizenship will be necessary to process the request.