Seminars and talks : 30 November –  2006

Kunst and Kapital

OCA launches in 2007 a series of talks and discussions entitled Kunst and Kapital in an effort to examine the increasingly porous sectors of private and public. As the debate ensues within Norway as to the viability in supplementing public funding sources with contributions from the private sector in the area of culture, OCA recognizes that discussions around these issues are without precedent of example. How is it possible to proceed with an assumption as to behaviour of the private sector toward contemporary art without fully understanding the motives and psychologies of the private sector, especially in the unique field of contemporary culture? How do international initiatives in the field lend to understanding further the range of possible examples? The Office for Contemporary Art will launch a series of seminars and talks around these topics in an effort to demystify the contemporary art market while illuminating how the critical community is being steadily streamed into these new initiatives.