Lecture : 28 August – 20 December 2012

Semesterplan – Autumn 2012: Lectures

OCA opened the Autumn 2012 Semesterplan with a discussion at the Munch Studio at Ekely between ISP resident Issa Samb and curator Koyo Kouoh. This was followed by ‘The Articulation of Protest’, a programme of two lectures that looked into strategies that have emerged in recent times through actions and communication, and in dialogue or confrontation with existing legislation, with the aim to secure free circulation of information and knowledge in the face of the state's or capital's attempts to control and to commodify them. ‘On Négritude: A Series of Lectures on the Politics of Art Production in Africa’ continued the exploration of the history of artistic and cultural production in Africa, initiated during the symposium 'Condition Report', organised by Raw Material Company in Dakar in January 2012, followed by the lecture 'Poetics of the Infra-Ordinary' by Art Historian and Tate Modern Curator Elvira Dyangani Ose in spring 2012 and the discussion between Samb and Kouoh in August.