Verksted Series

Verksted #1

New Institutionalism

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112 Pages - Black & White - A5 - Published by OCA 2003
ISBN: 82-92495-00-2 ISSN: 1503-8467

This inaugural edition entitled New Institutionalism considers and offers historical and current viewpoints on the role and position of the art institution. As the editor Jonas Ekeberg states in the introduction to the book, when New Institutionalism was developed 'the intention was to present a handful of Norwegian and international art institutions that were undergoing radical changes, in what could be seen as no less than an attempt to redefine the contemporary art institution. These institutions seemed at last to be ready to let go, not only of the limited discourse of the work of art as a mere object, but also of the whole institutional framework that went with it, a framework that the "extended" field of contemporary art had simply inherited from high modernism, along with its white cube, its top-down attitude of curator and directors, its link to certain (insider) audience and so on an so forth.'

Ute Meta Bauer


Jonas Ekeberg

Eivind Furnesvik
Phantom Pains.
Momentum - Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art (1998 and 200) and the Johannesburg Biennale (1995 and 1997)

Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt
Harnessing the Means of Production   

Julia Bryan-Wilson
A Curriculum for Institutional Critique, or the Professionalization of Conceptual Art