International Studio Programme : April - August 2008

Enrico David


Credits: The artist and Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne

London-based artist Enrico David's production and work, explores the creative intellect, sexual identity, cultural inheritence, and the meaning of art objects by integrating mechanisms of irony and dark humour. By employing a conscious strategy of disjuncture, incoherence, and an overall stream of consciousness, David endows thoughts, such as "meaning is welded to understanding, yet understanding has been blown loose from creativity," with sculptural composition. David's recent critically-acclaimed solo exhibition at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London was described by OCA's Director Marta Kuzma inArtforum's "Best of 2007": "Reflecting on the tireless efforts of artists of late to merge art with the historical traditions of theater in all too often disharmonious and disingenuous combinations of Beckett, Brecht, and Cage, David's recent exhibition divided into three acts - 'Corrupt and Crooked,' 'Molten Brown Nylon,' and 'Ultra Paste.' Motivated by a kind of unmediated pleasure principle, the artist transposed his obsession with treating 'people as objects' and his abject perversions like 'rubbing himself against the effigy of trustworthiness' into meticulously rendered illustrations, assemblages, and room-size installations."