International Studio Programme : June 2013

Peter Watkins


Peter Watkins. Photo: Corinna Paltrinieri. Courtesy of Peter Watkins

Peter Watkins (b.1935 in Norbiton, Surrey, UK) is a film-maker and television director. He is the author of several landmark films since the 1950s, such as The War Game (1965), Punishment Park (1970), Edvard Munch (1973), The Freethinker (1992–94) and La Commune (de Paris, 1871) (1999) – films that investigate the current political conjuncture through contemporary or historical settings, and that critically address the limits and possibilities of the documentary form. Central to his work is the critical assessment of the mass media, the media crisis and the monoform, as reflected, for example, in his book Media Crisis (2004).