International Visitor Programme : March 2018

Dasom Suh

Dasom Suh was born in Seoul, Korea. She is an artist and independent artistic director based in Seoul and Gwangju. In her undergraduate studies she majored in ceramics, while majoring in art education in the graduate school. She worked as an educator in Seoul. Since her arrival in Gwangju, she has been a member of the Mite-Ugro, a local association of curators and artists. She worked as a project manager under the 2016 Gwangju Biennale. In 2017, she had an artist-in-residency programme at the Crater ​Invertido in Mexico City focusing on Mexican-Korean culinary exchange projects. She curated the exhibition of the Korean artist Yunwook Moon in Gwangju and the exhibition of the Mexican artist Jaime Ruiz in Seoul, together with whom she also collaborated on a culinary project in Hong Kong.

Sumesh Sharma

Artist, Writer and Curator

Sumesh Sharma is an artist, curator and writer. He co-founded the Clark House Initiative in Bombay in 2010. His practice is informed by alternate art histories that often include cultural perspectives informed by socio-economics and politics. Immigrant Culture in the Francophone, Vernacular Equalities of Modernism, Movements of Black Consciousness in Culture are his areas of interest.