International Visitor Programme : September 2014

Olga Shishko


Olga Shishko

Olga Shishko is a curator and a researcher of media culture, and since 2006 Director of the Centre of Culture and Art, also called MediaArtLab, which she founded in 2000. MediaArtLab develops research on different aspects of contemporary art involving media technologies, such as online art and cyberculture. She has curated numerous events, festivals and exhibitions including: ‘NewMediaLogia’ Symposium, Moscow (1994), ‘Pro&Contra’ Symposium, Moscow (2000–12), ‘MediaForum’ Multimedia Art Festival (since 2000) – one of the official programmes of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), the exhibition ‘Transitland – Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe for 20 years: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to 2009’, Moscow (2010), ‘Viewer' – Gary Hill, Moscow (2010), ‘Expanded Cinema’, Moscow (2011), ‘Imersions:
 Towards the Tactile Cinema’, Moscow (2013), ‘Mocumentary: Reality is Not Enough’, Moscow (2013). Shishko has served in juries of various international exhibitions, like ‘Art on the Net’, Internet Festival, Japan (1998-2000) and ‘Art Vifu’, England (2000).

Anne Dressen


Anne Dressen. Photo: Jeanne Graff

Anne Dressen is a curator at ARC, the contemporary art department of the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Her exhibitions question the unofficial or disregarded artistic practices as compared to the traditional fine arts, by focusing on several topics such as sound, music video, copying and reproduction, the craft or the decorative, in relation to cultural, gender and colonial issues. Her exhibitions include ‘Off the Record’ (2004); ‘Playback’ (2007); ‘Sturtevant. The Razzle Dazzle of Thinking’ (2010); ‘Seconde main’ (2010); ‘La Demeure joyeuse’ (2012); and ‘Decorum. Carpets and tapestries by artists’ (2013), that also was shown at the Power Station of art in Shanghai (2014). In 2015, Dressen will co-curate a retrospective of artist Carol Rama in collaboration with the MACBA in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition is also scheduled to travel to Helsinki, Finland; Dublin, Ireland; and Turin, Italy, in 2015-16. Her texts have been published in institutional catalogues, artists’ publications and in magazines such as Artforum, Frog, Petunia, Flashart International and The Exhibitionist. In 2014 Dressen was nominated for the ‘Gerrit Lansing Independent Vision Award ‘ by Independent Curators International (ICI), under the direction of Guggenheim Deputy Director Nancy Spector.

Jean-Max Colard


Jean-Max Colard is an art critic, curator, and a lecturer at the University of Lille 3, where he teaches contemporary literature and its relation to contemporary art. He is a writer for the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, where he is responsible for the arts section. Colard has curated exhibitions such as ‘Perpetual Battle’ at Baibakov Arts Projects in Moscow, Russia (2010); ‘Offshore’ at the Ricard Foundation in Paris, France (2005); and ‘La Nuit des tableaux vivants’ created together with Christian Bernard in Toulouse, France (2009), travelling to Paris (2012) and Geneva, Switzerland (2015). He is currently preparing ‘Song Duras’, an exhibition dedicated to the work of Marguerite Duras scheduled to open at the Centre Pompidou in October 2014. Among his publications are L’exposition de mes rêves (Mamco, 2013).